You deserve the best dog in the world.

You deserve the best dog in the world.

We raise Australian Cobberdogs & Australian Labradoodles full time, holistically, lovingly, and begin training at 24 hours old. We thoroughly health test our breeding stock, and breed for health, temperament and loving companions. Our goal is to provide you with the best puppy, well on it's way to socialization, potty training and being the best new addition to your family. Our dogs are allergy friendly, non-shedding and the darn cutest things ever. They get plenty of exercise, fed primarily a raw food diet, minimally vaccinated and live in our home as family.

D. MacLeod

Sandwich, MA

Adopting Thea from Joe and Linda was a wonderful experience from start to finish. After doing tons of research on the breed and coming across some controversy, I was a little concerned about choosing a breeder with integrity. After speaking with Linda for the first time, she thoroughly answered all of my questions and it was obvious to me that She and Joe have a sincere passion for these amazing dogs and are breeding them for the right reasons. In the weeks leading up to the adoption, they stayed in touch with me regularly via email and over the phone providing me with puppy updates, pictures and video. Each time we spoke, it was truly a warm conversation and I always felt confident that the puppies were being raised in a completely loving and attentive environment. This was very important to me as I am also an owner of a 10 year old Boston terrier (Ellie) who came from a puppy mill. I asked them to select the puppy for me as I could not decide and I had confidence in their choice for my lifestyle.
I flew across the country to pick up Thea and I could write pages describing how wonderful she is. But, I will just say that if I had to describe her in a few words I would say she is happy, highly intelligent and confident (yet intelligently cautious), affectionate and cuddly (yet not clingy). She loooves her playtime and was instrumental in pulling Ellie out of her shell to the point where they enjoy playtime every day. I didn't think I would ever see Ellie actually playing with another dog! She has so many fun and lovely qualities and she is not even 5 months old yet! I love how our bond grows deeper every day as we discover new ways to understand each other and communicate. What a joy this has been and will continue to be!

T. Sparkman

Houston, TX

I cannot say enough about what an incredible experience it was getting my puppy from Intentional Cobberdogs. I flew to Washington State (the closest airport) from Texas and everything went perfect with meeting Joe and Linda. I had an early flight back the next morning, with a 3 hour layover in the Denver airport before arriving home in Texas. Joe and Linda had done such an amazing job of preparing the puppies for their new homes, that my boy was the perfect pup on the trip back. He is doing wonderful in his training and preparing to be a therapy dog as well. Seeing Joe sing a prayer in my new pup's ear before handing him over still brings a tear to my eye. Joe and Linda are now friends of mine, and I know this won't be the last puppy I get from them (my adult children already want one)! This is the most amazing puppy I have ever had and I don't say that lightly because I have had MANY wonderful dogs in my life! I am still so thankful that I was chosen to have the honor of receiving one of their incredible Cobberdogs.

L. Spotts

New Jersey

We were looking for a family dog, we are a combined family, my daughter and her husband and children, along with us (Rusty and Linda). Rusty surfed the internet and found Joe and Linda and their puppies. After many emails back and forth, we decided on not just one, but two puppies, Jack and Jill. The puppies flew to New Jersey without any issues.
Jack and Jill had their first visit to the vet, and boy was he impressed with their upbringing. Jack and Jill fit our family perfectly. They are very intelligent and lovable. The kids, especially, just adore the puppies.
They are now almost 6 months old, and very settled into are family life.
Linda is so full of knowledge and very helpful with the puppies, always available to answer any questions.

Intentional Australian Cobberdogs & Australian Labradoodles

Intentional Qualities
History and Information
Intentional Qualities
  • Intelligent, easy to train
  • Intuitive, sensing your needs
  • Healthy, thoroughly screened and tested
  • Allergy friendly (Hypo-allergenic)
  • Non-shedding
  • No usual doggy odor
  • Wonderful for service or therapy
  • Amazing pets or personal companions
History and Information

This wonderful dog has been developed for over 27 years.

The goals were clear: healthy, smart, mellow, superior for service/therapy work, non-shedding, allergy friendly and a wonderful pet. These are amazing qualities and characteristics; ones you will surely appreciate. An Australian Labradoodle is not a Labrador and a Poodle. It does share those genes, but other breeds were carefully selected and bred into the dog to enhance its wonderful traits. Now they are multi-generational. At one point the name Australian Cobberdog was created to set the breed apart. Established breeders in the US decided to stay with the original Australian Labradoodle name and many breeders in Europe and Australia went with the Australian Cobberdog name. Because the breed is still in development, some dogs may differ a bit in heritage. This is necessary in order to keep the gene pool diverse and to enhance the breed. At Intentional we believe that what is important is that you choose your dog from a home-based breeder, not a puppy mill. Be sure that the breeding dams and sires have been thoroughly health tested. Read about their approach and philosophy in regards to breeding and how they raise puppies their first 8 weeks. In the end, you should be comfortable with whom you purchase from.

We happily deliver puppies all over the country and we are within driving distance of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and Utah. We have many happy families in California, Texas, Maine, Pennsylvania, Tennesee and other states.

Singing Cricket

We think she was appropriately named!
Joe and Cricket filling the canyon with music; one of their favorite activities